Aliens and UFOs

UFOs are unidentified flying objects and is an object in the sky not readily identifiable to any observer as a known object. In popular culture in the 1950’s the term flying saucer was also attributed to these objects, based on several publicized sightings. Aliens are extraterrestrial life forms, typically considered to be more advanced than humans. Whether real or imaginary, UFOs and Alien creatures make for fascinating folk lore, urban legends, and science fiction entertainment. Our set of UFO and Alien patterns are based on simple illustrations which depict the most common attributes of both. You’ll find aliens with large eyes, triangular head shapes, green colored skin, thin arms and legs, and long necks, and UFOs in the form of flying saucers with pulsing lights.

Patterns Included In This Set

Flying Saucer

Two Aliens

Zooming Away

Green Alien

Blue Alien

Yellow Alien

Alien Thing

Green and Yellow Alien


Pointing Alien

Alien Head

Red Cape Alien



Purple Craft

Smiling Alien

Search Light

Long Neck Alien

Big Eyed Alien

Flying Saucer

Alien with Weapon