Sunset Hues

A sunset (also referred to as a sundown) is the daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon. When the sun is high in the sky, the path of light through the atmosphere is shorter allowing for more bluish colors to be visible. At sunrise and sunset, the path of the light through the atmosphere is longer which removes the bluish colors and shows more orange and red hues. Also sunset colors are usually more brilliant than sunrise colors, because the air in the evening contains more particles than in the morning. Volcanic eruptions and high altitude clouds can also enhance the colors in a sunset. Finally, a green flash at sunset can be seen at sunrise and sunset for just a second or too. Our Sunset Hues patterns are created from a selection of photographs which show sunsets over beaches, lakes, forests, skylines, and silhouetted behind trees.

Patterns Included In This Set



The Sunset Factory

Sunset Barbados

Almscliffe Crag Sunset

Double Sun

Sunset Tree

Sunset in Florida

Venice Beach Sunset

Lisbon Sunset


Winter Sunset

Romanitic Sunset

My Sunset

Ohlson Beach Sunset

Sunset in Pink

Hammerton Lake Sunset

Malibu Colony Sunset


Sunset and Silhouette

Jamison Sunset