Joaquín Sorolla – Valencian Spanish Painter

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (1863-1923) was a Spanish Painter from Valencia who excelled in painting portraits, landscapes, and social themes. One of his paintings, Sad Inheritance depicted crippled children bathing at the sea and earned Joaquín great recognition. He expertly depicted shimmering light and other lighting effects in his paintings. Other notable paintings included the Portrait of Dr. Simarro at the microscope and research which linked art and science. Although not as creative as other genres, Sorolla painted a large number of portraits which was a profitable endeavor in that era. Our pattern set for Joaquín Sorolla includes a broad set of paintings including Children on the Seashore, Sad Inheritance, Another Marguerite, Portrait of Mr. Taft, Portrait of Lawyer Don Silverio de la Torre y Agua, Valenican Fishergirl, Castle of La Mota Medina del Camp, The Virgin Mary, Portrait of Dr. Simarro at the Microscope, and Beach at Valencia.

Patterns Included In This Set

Children on the Seashore

Beach at Valencia

Walk on the Beach

Sad Inheritance

Another Marguerite

The Return from Fishing

Portrait of Dr. Simarro at the Microscope


My Family

Portrait of Mr Taft

Maria at La Granja

Portrait of King Alfonio XIII

Portrait of Louis Comfort Tiffany

My Wife and Daughters in the Garden

Portrait of José Luis López de Arana Benlliurea

The Virgin Mary

Child’s Siesta

On the Sand

Portrait of Basel Mundy

Valencia’s Port

Rocks at Javea

The Wounded Foot

Hall of Ambassadors

Head of an Italian Girl

Portrait of Lawyer Don Silverio de la Torre y Agua

Valencian Fisherman


Going for a Swim – Valencia

The Two Sisters

In the Rowing Boat

Valencian Fishergirl

Portrait of a Gentleman

Castle of La Mota Medina del Camp

Self Portrait