A Snowman is a popular snow sculpture created by rolling three large snowballs and assembling them vertically to form a base, body, and head. Design elements are then added including branches for arms, a carrot for a nose, rocks and charcoal for buttons and eyes, and even a hat, scarf, gloves or jacket as warm clothing. Snowman are popular in modern culture and traditional character in many Holiday stories and songs, including everyone’s favorite ‘Frosty the Snowman’. Our Snowman pattern set includes many illustrations of Snowman designs with scarves, hats, flags, and branches. Children are shown building snowman. The Snowman are standing still, ice skating, holding stars, birds, candy canes, and brooms, and even throwing an snow ball.

Patterns Included In This Set

Snowman Head

Snowman Ice Skating


Snowman with Red Mittens

Whimiscal Snowman

Building a Snowman

Snowman with Blue Scarf

Kids Making a Snowman

Snowman with Hat

Snowman with Snowball

Snowman with Coat

Snowman with Candy Cane

Snowman Waving

Starting to Build a Snowman

Patriotic Snowman

Snowman with Birds

Snowman with Red Scarf

Snowman with Yellow Broom

Snowman in the Snow

Snowman Holding Stars