Shells by the Seashore

A shell is the common name for a protective layer that was created by a sea creature such as a sea urchin, mollusk, cockle, or clam. As they wash up on shores around the world, many collect shells to keep them, turn them into creative art projects, or sell them outright. Shells have functioned as currency, hair pipes, belts, scrapers, clasps, oil lamps, soil conditioners, musical instruments, jewelry, architectural decoration, and as religious symbols. Our collection of 24 shell patterns are based on a diverse set of shell-themed photographs showing shells in their native form on the beach, and staged in various poses.

Patterns Included In This Set

Seashell by the Seashore



Spiney Seashell

Snail Shell

Open Wide Shell

Shell Game

Conch Shell



Shell on Pakiri Beach

Sunny Shell

Sea Urchin Shell


Shell at the Shore

Purple Shell

Shells on the Beach

Shell Form

The Still Life of a Shell

Reflected Shell

One Shiny Shell

Conch Shell 2

Shells in a Wave