Set Sail!

Sailing is a method of moving and controlling a ship in water with large fabric foils called sails. With a small amount of skill and training (in addition to good weather and a bit of wind), a competent captain can adjust the sail rigging and control the rudder, and navigate through the water to a desired destination. Though gradually replaced by ships with internal combustion engines, sailboats in many places are used as a recreational activity, with activities such as a racing and cruising. Our Sailing pattern set includes many photos of sailboats with sails trimmed in picturesque backdrops of sunsets, clear and cloudy skies, wooded shorelines, and calm waters.

Patterns Included In This Set

Beams of Light

Blue Sea Sailing

Lorain Lighthouse at Sunset

Sailing Ship Lynx firing Cannons


Alexander von Humbolt

The Tallship Zebu Arrives Home


Grand Cayman Sailing

Sail boat off of Camden Maine

Watch Out for the Rocks

Tauranga Sunset

Sails of Gold

Port Angeles Sunrise

Aphrodite Sailboat

Lake Michigan Sailing

Time to Sleep

Easy Sailing

Sailboats at Puget Sound at Sunset

Patuxent River Sailboat

Watch Out for the Rocks

Sailboat in San Francisco Bay