George Romney – English Portrait Painter

George Romney (1734-1802) was an English portrait painter who painted many society figures of his day. Many of his paintings featured his muse, Emma Hamilton, in various poses depicting historical and mythological figures. One of his early paintings, The Death of General Wolfe-Study, was entered into a Royal Society of Arts competition, but was questioned for being too contemporary. This caused Romney to ignore the Society for the rest of career, despite being asked to exhibit there after he became successful. Our pattern collection for George Romney contains many of his well known portraits including John Forbes, Major General Sir Archibald Campbell, Elizabeth Dutches-Contess of Sutherland, Charles Lennox, Miss Kirkpatrick, Miss Juliann Willoughby, Sir Christopher and Lady Sykes, Mrs Anne Carwardine and Her Eldest Son, Mrs Henrietta Morris and her Son, and John Walter Tempest with a Horse. There are many patterns with Emma Lady Hamilton, and also a self portrait.

Patterns Included In This Set

Self Portrait

Miss Juliann Willoughby

Lady Hamilton as Circe

Emma Hamilton as a Bacchante

Major General Sir Archibald Campbell

John Forbes

Dorothy Cavendish

Thomas Greene

Mrs Richard Pryce Corbet and Her Daughter

Maria Anne Fitzherbert

Mr Moley

Mrs. Thomas Phipps

Mrs Constable

Catherine Clemens

Mary and Louisa Kent

Elizabeth Dutches-Contess of Sutherland

Charles Lennox

Mrs. Henrietta Morris and her Son

John Walter Tempest with a Horse

Mr Andrew Reid

Mrs Harriet Greer

Vice-Admiral George Darby

Vice-Admiral Sir Joshua Rowley

Barbara Marchioness of Donegal

Richard Cumberland

Lady Altamont

Lady Hamilton

Emma Lady Hamilton

Emily Bertie Pott

Colonel Robert Abercrombie

Emma Hart as Ariadne

Miss Kirkpatrick

The Death of General Wolfe-Study

Mrs Anne Carwardine and Her Eldest Son

Sir Christopher and Lady Sykes