Right as Rain

Rain is liquid precipitation which is a common weather event throughout the world. Rain has a emotional impact on people depending where they live. In temperate climates, rain tends to increase the stress level, whereas in dry places rain can be soothing and lift people’s spirit. We hope our collection of rain-themed patterns lifts your spirits! We’ve included a number of well composed photographic images which convey rainy scenes: showing rain drops on leaves, branches, and flowers, rain falling in puddles and streams, and rain falling in desert and mountainous terrains.

Patterns Included In This Set

Fly in the Rain

Rain Drops


Fern After Rain

White Roses in the Rain

Purple Rain

Rain in the Desert

Spring Rain

A Lot of Rain

Fressia in the Rain

After the Rain

Pond Rain

Purple Rain

Cold in the Rain

Singing in the Rain

Its Raining at the Broken Bridge

Gleaming Rain

Green Lake in the Rain

Cold November Rain

Rain and Grass

Raining on the Rose

Rain Drop

Oak Leaf Raindrops

Its Raining