Pieter de Hooch – Dutch Interior Painter

Pieter de Hooch (1629 – 1684) was a Dutch Genre painter who is noted for his interior scenes, strong use of perspective, and accurate lighting. His works are similar to those of his Dutch contemporary, Johannes Vermeer, in both content and style. Although he initially painted soldiers and their surroundings, he turned his attention to painting genre scenes depicting Dutch domestic life. Many of these scenes include home interiors, courtyards, and gardens with women as the main characters. Our set of patterns includes his most well known scenes including At the Linen Closet, Woman with a Child in a Pantry, and Soldiers playing Cards.

Patterns Included In This Set

Musical Party in a Courtyard

Woman Drinking with Soldiers

The Council Chamber

A Musical Conversation

A Woman with a Baby in her Lap

Woman with a Basket of Beans

Soldiers Playing Cards

Village House

Courtyard of a House in Delft

The Gold Weigher

Wife and Maid in a Courtyard

Breastfeeding Mother

Three Women and a Man in the Courtyard

Two Women with One Child in the Yard

A Woman Drinking with Two Men

Moher Lacing Her Bodice Beside a Cradle

A Mistress and Her Servant

Woman with a Child in a Pantry

Paying the Hostess

Figures Drinking in a Courtyard

The Visit

Woman Reading a Letter

At the Linen Closet