Monster Mash

Monsters are fictional characters usually shown as ugly creatures with a few man-like attributes. They behave in an evil, horrible, and menacing manner while attempting to scare and harm the viewer. Our Segmation set of monsters are depict a bit more friendly and colorful set of characters which you’ll enjoy coloring during the Halloween season and throughout the year. In this set we’ve included a few Frankenstein, devils, aliens, mummies, lizards, and things.

Patterns Included In This Set

Funny Frankenstein

Winging Devil

Monster with Green Potion


Monster with Cat

Green Alien

Purple Monster

One Eyed Monster

Tiki Monster

She Devil


Blue Alien

Yellow Alien

Crouching Alien

Green Lizard

Orange Creature with Purple Hair

Three Horned Creature


Pale Blue Alien

Fish Monster

Big Eared Alien


Devil with Flames

Green Thing