The moon is Earth’s only natural satellite and we celebrate its beauty in this wonderful pattern set. Because the moon rotates in step with the Earth, we can only see about 59% of the moon’s surface. The dark and featureless plains we see on the near side of the moon are called maria, a Latin term for seas. In our set of Moonglow patterns we showcase photographed images of landscapes, which are lit or dominated with the visible moon. In some patterns, the moon is depicted by itself, while in others, the moon is shown reflecting over calm waters, lighthouses, beaches, bare trees, cloudy skies, rocky coastlines, wheat fields, and mountain ranges.

Patterns Included In This Set

Moon Dreams

Harvest Moon

Full Night Moon

Moon Beam

Mourning Moon

Gibbous Moon

The Moon’s Halo

Man in the Almost Blue Moon

Earth and Moon to Scale

Moon over Rust Farm

Another Full Moon

Moon or Sun?

Cloud and Moon

Moon over Lower Kimball Lake

The Bird and the Moon Week

Bloody Moon

Moon without Bird

Blue Moon

Moon Tonight in Yard

Rocks, Water, Sky and Moon

Sun and Moon Together on the Tay