Lighthouses – Beacons by the Sea

For thousands of years, lighthouses have been in service to guide ships out of the way of dangerous coastlines and through unclear weather conditions. Originally lit by fire and candles, today’s lighthouses use modern strobe lights and efficient focusing Fresnel lens systems allowing them to be seen from many miles away.

Our pattern collection features twenty-five picturesque scenes of Lighthouses in various weather and sea conditions. From the Carolinas to Nova Scotia, California, Germany, and Australia, our lighthouse patterns present a worldwide perspective of these structures.

Patterns Included In This Set

Island Lighthouse

Red and White-Holland

Egg Harbor Island-Maine-USA

Portland Head Lighthouse-Maine-USA

Peggy’s Cove-Nova Scotia-Canada

Outer Banks-North Carolina-USA

Santa Cruz Lighthouse-California-USA

Stormy Weather

Byron Bay 1-NSW-Australia

Lighthouse in Hörnum-Germany

Lighthouse of Itapuã-Salvador-Brazil

Tierra del Fuego Lighthouse-Argentina

White and Red

Cape Otway Lighthouse-Victoria-Australia

Grass View

Split Rock Lighthouse-Minnesota-USA

Byron Bay 2-NSW-Australia

Cockspur Island Lighthouse-Georgia-USA

Brant Point Lighthouse-Massachusetts-USA

Farol do Morro-Natal-Brazil

Chicago Navy Pier-Illinois-USA

Palos Verdes Lighthouse-California-USA

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse-Washington-USA

La Corbière Lighthouse-Jersey-England

Texel Lighthouse-De Waal-Netherlands