Leapin’ Lizards

Lizards are a widespread group of reptiles with nearly 1000 species. They’re characterized with feet, external ears, scaled and spiny body, vivid coloring in their tails, a brightly colored dewlap on their throat. Common lizard types include Iguana, anoles, geckos, Komodo dragon, spiny-tailed lizards, thorny devil, Gila monster, Jackson’s chameleon, Central bearded dragon, Our pattern set for lizards includes many well photographed lizards in various natural settings. The Lizards are in numerous colors and some are well camouflaged into their environments. There are also some well composed lizard close-ups.

Patterns Included In This Set

Common Gecko

Ground Skink at Labrador

What colour am I?

Garden Lizard

Green Lizard on Kuto Beach

Capture my Best Side Please

Private Eye

Australian Water Dragon

Lizards Don’t Really Care

Blue in the Face




The Colors of the Dragon

Green Anode Lizard

Fiji Banded Iguana

The Argentine Black and White Tegu

Tree Lizard

Six-lined Racerunner


Jurassic Park-3

Lizard at my House