Colored Leaves

Leaves turn color during the fall time – a phenomenon known as fall foliage. Colors ranges from red, yellow, purple, and brown. These magnificent changes are triggered as trees absorb essential nutrients. During the sunny months, trees are green because they have an abundance of chlorophyll, the pigment which is essential to converting water and sunlight into sugar. As the summer ends and the temperatures get cooler, the days get shorter, and rainfall amounts change, trees are signaled to absorb the nutrients and store them in their roots for the following spring. Without chlorophyll, the brilliant colors of autumn begin to appear in the leaves. Our pattern set of Colored Leaves are based on many photographs of leaves in autumn composed to highlight the intricate textured patterns on the leaves, the contrast of colored leaves against blue skies, leaves covered in early frost, transparency of leaves in sunlight, and many other photographic effects.

Patterns Included In This Set


Red Leaf

The Autumn Leaves

Canadian Symbol


Autumn Leaves and Sky

Autumn Leaf

Leaf Veins

Autumn Leaves

First Frost

Autumn Leaf

The Last Leaves

Leaf Bokeh


Fade to Fluid

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

The Two of Us

Colors are Changing

Leaf Structure

Orange Fall Leaves