Paul Klee – Modern Visual Artist

Paul Klee (1879-1940) was a German and Swiss painter whose unique style was influenced by expressionism, cubism, and surrealism art movements. Much of his art work is difficult to classify in any one style. He was a teacher at the German Bauhaus school of art, design, and architecture early in his career, and later at the Düsseldorf Academy. Paul was a talented musician and played violin throughout his life. His vast experiments with color palettes and geometric forms influenced most of his art works. Our pattern collection contains many well known pieces from his vast legacy of art. Included are Death and Fire, Red Balloon, Twittering Machine, Crystal Graduation, Sign in Yellow, The Prisoner, Fortress and Sun. Conqueror, Heroic Roses, Senecio, Castle and Sun, Black Columns on a Landscape, and Southern Tunisian Gardens.

Patterns Included In This Set

Heroic Roses

Death and Fire

On a Motif from Hammamet


Crystal Graduation

Fire in the Evening

Sign in Yellow

The Prisoner

Fire at Full Moon

Portrait of Mrs P in the South

Twittering Machine

Viaducts Break Ranks

Red Balloon

Attrappen (Omega 5)

Monument in a Fertile Country



Ad Parnassum

Rising Sun

Red and White Domes

The Chapel

Southern Tunisian Gardens

Castle and Sun


Blaue Nacht

Woman in Peasant Dress

Red Waistcoat

Il Giardino Del Tempio

The Rose Garden

Park of Idols

Park Bei Lu

Southern Gardens


Black Columns on a Landscape

Angel Applicant