An icicle is a spike of ice formed when water dripping or falling from an object freezes. The heat source which causes the ice to melt is typically the sun. Although icicles might be a hazard when positioned over people, they generally exist in natural surroundings where snow and rain fall off exist. Because of their cylindrical shapes, icicles beautifully refract the world around them. Our collection of Icicle patterns show a diverse collection of icicles in winter scenery viewed from inside windows and outside settings. You’ll find icicles forming from trees, branches, leaves, and roofs. In their backgrounds you’ll find bright blue skies, mountains, and sunsets.

Patterns Included In This Set


Frozen Energy

Winter Wonderland

Large Format Study



The House next Door

White Christmas

Light Icing


Icicle Sunset

Catch the Sun

February Thaw

Mt. Rose and Icicles

Four Icicles

On Ice



The Junk is Melting Quickly

The Big Next Thaw

Winter’s Tears


Life in the Freezer

Sunset Icicles