Harvest Time

Harvest Time is a special time of year on farms. It’s a busy time where crops of all types are gathered from fields, sorted, cleaned, packed, and shipped. This end of the growing season makes for many seasonal and religious celebrations. Our Harvest Time pattern set reflects on this centuries old activity with many photographic patterns of harvested fields with bales of hay, picked apples, pumpkins, carrots, squash, and Indian corn, a picked apple, grapes on the vine, and a brilliant harvest moon.

Patterns Included In This Set

Harvest Sky

Early Harvest

Harvest Time II

Heavenly Harvest

Today’s Harvest





Harvest Moon

Ready for the Harvest

Overseer Of The Harvest

First Harvest


Hay Harvest

Old Age Harvest

Indian Corn

Autumn Harvest

Hard Days Work

The Remnants of the Harvest

Harvest Time Almess