Henry Ossawa Tanner – Influential Black American Artist

Henry Ossawa Tanner (1859 – 1937) was an African American artist who was influential around the world with his art style. He was born in Philadelphia and schooled in fine arts. Although he first tried to set up a photography studio in Atlanta, he subsequently left the US and moved to Paris where he attempted to gain artistic acceptance. He was quickly introduced to new artworks and artists, and studied under renowned artists. While his early works, such as were concerned with everyday life as an African American, his later paintings focused mainly on the religious subjects for which he is now best known. Our pattern collection includes many of his most recognized pieces including The Banjo Lesson, The Annunciation, Sand Dunes at Sunset, Atlantic City, Gateway, Tangier, Booker T. Washington, Flight into Egypt, and The Resurrection of Lazarus.

Patterns Included In This Set

The Arch

Les Invalides

Flight into Egypt

Landscape in Moonlight

Gateway Tangier

Nicodemus and Jesus on a Rooftop

Edge of the Forest

The Banjo Lesson

Resurrection of Lazarus

Two Disciples at the Tomb

The Annunciation

Bishop Benjamin Tucker Tanner

Booker T. Washington

Christ and His Mother Studying the Scriptures


The Young Sabot Maker

The Good Shepherd

Return of the Holy Women

Sand Dunes at Sunset Atlantic City

The Bagpipe Player

The Three Marys

War Scene

Lions in the Desert

Pomp at the Zoo

The Thankful Poor

Moroccan Man


Lion Licking its Paw

Landscape with Irises

Horse and Two Dogs in a Landscape

Head of a Jew in Palestine

Bishop Joseph Crane Hartzell