John Hoppner – English Portrait Painter

John Hoppner (1758-1810) was a English Portrait Painter who emulated the earlier style of Sir Joshua Reynolds. His talents as an artist were discovered in his childhood, and he quickly became a notable artist who many famous individuals desired to sit for. His clients included the Prince of Wales (who sat more than once), Sir Walter Scott, the Duke and Duchess of York, Sir George Beaumont, Lord Nelson, Lord Rodney, Frere, and the Duke of Wellington. Hoppner’s portraits were proudly displayed in St. James’s Palace staterooms. Hoppner was best at creating images of children and women. John Hoppner is known throughout the art world as a brilliant colorist due to his genius use of vivid color in his pieces. Our pattern set for John Hoppner contains many of his loved portraits including Adam Duncan, Princess Mary, Mrs. Williams, Viscant Lascelles, Mrs Abington, Captain George Portner, The Sackville Children, Sir George Beaumont, and Anne Isabella Milbanke.

Patterns Included In This Set

Self Portrait

Master Meyrick

Adam Duncan

Princess Mary

Charles Abbot

Sir Ralph Abercromby

Richard Bache

An Unknown British Officer

Lady Frances Wyndham

The Hon. Lucy Byng

Harriet Brochure of Boveridge Dorset

Portrait of a Lady Georgina Buckley

Richard Humphreys – The Boxer

Mrs. Williams

Viscount Lascelles

Portrait of Lady Redesdale

Miss Charlotte Papendick as a Child

Portrait of Samuel Brandram

The Sackville Children

Jupiter and Io

Lord Hugh Seymour

The Bowden Children

Captain George Porter

Mrs. Abington

Charlettea Walsingham – Lady Fitzgerald

Mary Robinson as Perdita

Miss Mary Linwood

Anne Isabella Milbanke

Sir Henry Blackwood

Sir George Beaumont

Portrait of the Frankland Sisters