Honoré Daumier – French Painter and Caricaturist

Honoré Daumier (1808-1879) was a French caricaturist, painter, and sculptor. He is best known for his caricatures of political figures and countrymen. As the son of a glazier, he moved to Paris at age eight, and spent his time in apprentice jobs copying works in the Louvre. His produced many artworks in his career including 500 oil paintings which were subjective and of various themes. Our pattern set collection of Honoré Daumier contain his most recognized works including Dandy, Don Quijote, Crispin and Scapin, The Chess Players, The Lawyer, The Wrestler, The First Class Carriage, The Second Class Carriage, and Third Class Carriage, and The Print Lover.

Patterns Included In This Set

The Miller, His Son and the Donkey

Crispin and Scapin

The Chess Players

The Third Class Carriage

The Print Lover

Don Quixote

The Lawyer

Amateurs in an Exposure

The First Class Carriage

The Second Class Carriage

Rue Transnonain

Sancho Panza and Don Quixote in the Mountains

The Nocturnal Travellers

Wandering Saltimbanques

La République

St. Magdalene in the Desert

Bust of a Woman


Two Lawyers

Passers By

In Church

Three Amateur Musicans

The Artist

A Criminal Case

Grand Staircase of the Palace of Justice

The Wrestler

The Insurrection

French Theatre


Family on the Barricades

Before the Hearing