Gerard ter Borch – Dutch Genre Painter

Gerard ter Borch (1617 – 1681) was a Dutch Genre Painter who depicted life in middle class 17th century Holland. He was influenced early in his life by his father, also a painter. His works were both portraits and interior scenes. Some elements of his unique style include his handling of drapery and satins, and also painting a full body portrait, rather than just the face. The colors in his paintings are subdued, due largely to the dress coloring of the times. We’ve included numerous well known paintings in this pattern set including The Letter, The Concert, The Spinner, The Card Players, Boy Fleaing his Dog, Hunting for Lice, Woman Drinking with a Sleeping Solider, and The Glass of Lemonade. There’s also a self-portrait included.

Patterns Included In This Set

Self Portrait

The Letter

Lady at her Toilette

Portrait of a Lady

Boy Fleaing a Dog

Portrait of Jacob de Graeff

Portrait of Fran├žois de Vicq

Portrait of Aletta Pancras

A Woman Playing a Therbo to Two Men

Woman Reading a Letter

The Concert

Hunting for Lice

The Spinner

The Letter Writing Officer

A Lady Dressing her Hair

Woman Washing Hands

A Maid Milking a Cow

Seated Girl in Peasant Costume

Portrait of Helena van de Schalke

Portrait of Gerard Abrahamsz. van der Schalcke

Portrait of Johanna Bardoel


Playing the Theorbo Lute and a Cavalier

The Music Lesson

Portrait of a Lady

Woman Drinking with a Sleeping Solider

A Glass of Lemonade

A Lady Reading a letter

Man on a Horseback

The Violinist

The Reading Lesson

Woman Peeling Apples

The Card Players

Portrait of a Seated Man

Portrait of a Young Man