Giotto di Bondone – Father of European Painting

Giotto di Bondone (1266? – 1337) was an early Italian Renaissance Painter and Architect from Florence. Giotto made a radical break from the Byzantine (abstract – anti-naturalistic) style and brought more life to art. Giotto primarily painted Christian themes depicted in cycles and is best known for his frescos in various Chapels (Arene Chapel, Florence Cathedral, Assisi, Scrovegni). Our pattern set collection features many of his more familiar works including the Ognissanti Madonna, The Mourning of Christ, The Marriage at Cana, The Mourning of St. Francis, Crucifixion and Madonna and Child.

Patterns Included In This Set

The Mourning of Christ

Ognissanti Madonna


The Mourning of St. Francis

The Last Supper

Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child

Stigmatization of St. Francis


Christ Enthralled

Martyrdom of St. Paul

St.Peter Enthroned

Coronation of the Virgin

Isaac Rejects Esau

Franciscan Rule Approved

Confirmation of the Stigmata

The Presentation of the Virgin

Massacre of the Innocents


St. John the Evangelist

Madonna and Child

Madonna in Glory

The Kiss of Judas

St Lawrence

Joachim’s Dream

The Adoration of the Magi

The Flight into Egypt

Dante Alighieri

St. Paul

The Epiphany

The Marriage at Cana