George Catlin – Painter of American Indians

George Catlin (1796-1872) was an American painter who traveled throughout the Americas and painted many portraits of American Indians. At the beginning of his career after a stint as a lawyer, he traveled with William Clark into Native American territory. He eventually visited up to 50 different tribes at a time when they were untouched by European civilization. His lifetime collection of art works total over 500 accompanied by over 700 sketches. Our collection of patterns contains a great many of his portraits of male and female Indian chiefs, warriors, braves, medicine men, and ball players. There are also patterns with buffalos, horses, and a river landscape.

Patterns Included In This Set

The White Cloud

Boy Chief

In Ball Player’s Dress

Drinks the Juice of the Stone

Seminole Chief

Snapping Turtle

How Did He Kill?

A Choctaw Woman

Chief of the Tribe – Choctaw

Sam Perryman

Sioux Indians Hunting Buffalo

Buffalo Bill’s Back Fat

Iowa Medicine Man

A Warrier

Creek-Muskogee Brave

King Phillip – Second Chief


Taming Wild Horses

Dying Buffalo

View from above Floyd’s Grave

Prairie Meadow Burning

North American Indians

Buffalo Bull Grazing

Win-Jun-Jon Assiniboine Chief