Gilbert Stuart – American Portrait Painter

Gilbert Stuart (1755 – 1828) was an American Painter from Rhode Island who was a prolific portrait painter. He painted portraits of over 1000 people including the first six presidents of the United States as well as many political and social figures of the times. His most famous portrait is The Athenaeum, an unfinished work of President George Washington. He was praised for the vitality and naturalness of his portrait, and painted directly to the canvas without the aid of sketches, a novel approach for the time. Our collection of Gilbert Stuart patterns includes all of his portraits of US presidents (George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and John Quincy Adams), and other well known individuals (Daniel Webster, John Jay, Samuel Meeker, John Trumbull, Abigail Smith Adams, Peter Gansevoort, The Skater (Portrait of William Grant), Mrs. Richard Yates, and Joshua Reynolds). There’s also a self portrait included.

Patterns Included In This Set

Self Portrait

The Skater (Portrait of William Grant)

The Athenaeum

Portrait of John Bill Rickets – The Circus Rider

Portrait of Mrs. Richard Yates

John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

James Monroe

John Quincy Adams

Daniel Webster

Jérôme Bonaparte

Abigail Smith Adams

John Jay

John Trumbull

Benjamin West

Joshua Reynolds

Horatio Gates

Peter Gansevoort

Robert R. Livingston

George Washington at Dorchester Heights

Anna Payne Cutts

Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams

Williamston Portrait of George Washington

Samuel Meeker

George Washington (1795)

Josiah Quincy

Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis

William Rufus Gray

George Washington (The Lansdowne Portrait)

Bishop William White

Joseph Brant

Henry Knox

Mrs John Ashley

Matilda Stoughton de Jaudenes