Franz Marc – German Expressionist Painter

Franz Marc (1880 – 1916) was a German Impressionist Painter who was a founding member of the Der Blaue Reiter. This journal included group of artists who formed an expressionism movement in Germany. Most of work involves animals in natural settings as a subject matter, and is characterized by bright primary colors in a cubist style. His works show a strong sense of emotion. His use of color forms a predictable pattern: the color blue was used to portray masculinity and spirituality, yellow was used to represent feminine joy, and red was used to indicate the sound of violence. In his later years, during World War 1, Marc enlisted in the German army and was involved with military camouflage. Our set of Franz Marc patterns includes many of his animal images including Blue Horse 1, The Large Blue Horses, Dead Deer, The Yellow Cow, Blue Black Fox, The Waterfall, Siberian Sheepdogs, Animals in a Landscape, Mandrill, Two Horses in Front of a Red Rock, and The Little Blue Horses. There’s also a self portrait included.

Patterns Included In This Set

Self Portrait

The Large Blue Horses

Blue Black Fox

Dog Lying in the Snow

The Dream

The Red Bull


Landscape with Horse Dog and Cattle

Animals in a Landscape

The Little Blue Horses

Deer in the Forest I

The Yellow Cow

The Lamb

Fighing Forms

Monkey Frieze

The Horse I

Sheaf of Grain

Larch Sapling

Small Composition III

Dead Deer

A Dog

Three Horses

Bathing Girls

The Waterfall

Two Horses in Front of a Red Rock

Large Lenggries Horses

Siberian Sheepdogs

Deer in the Snow

Red Deer


The Unfortunate Land of Tyrol