Majestic Forests

Forests are large areas of land covered with trees or other woody vegetation. They are the dominant ecosystem on our planet. They can contain many species of trees or just be dominated by only a few. Forests can be classified into 26 types depending on their elevation, climatic zones, and types of trees. You’ll find an assortment of forest patterns in this set created from amazing high resolution photographs which depict forests in different seasons, weather, and lighting conditions. A wide range of colors and incredible details gives these patterns a special look when completed.

Patterns Included In This Set

Little Forest of Campana

Bluebell Forest

Forest Moment

Autumn Light

Emerald Forest

Old Danish Tree

Oregon Forest

Pine Forest

Sapphire Forest

Worthington State Forest

Moldovan Woods

Forest High Contrast


Cold Forest

Mossy Forest

Cedar Swamp Forest

Forest Light


Foggy Forest

Deep Forest