Pink Flamingo

Flamingos are the gregarious wading birds which symbolize the tropical world. These birds are characterized with long thin legs, webbed feet, a plump midsection, downward oriented beak, and of course a marvelous pink tint throughout their bodies. They frequently stand on one foot as they search for suitable food in shallow waters. As a well recognized symbol in pop culture, pink plastic flamingos are frequently used as “tacky” lawn decorations. Our SegPlayPC set has 21 great looking flamingo patterns. Yo

Patterns Included In This Set

Aruba Flamingo

Pink Flamingo

Flamingo Heart

LA Zoo Flamingo

Florida Flamingos

Caribbean Flamingo

Standing Around

Flamingo Head

Black and Pink

Pretty in Pink

Cropped Head

Flamingo Face

The Flamingo Look

The Drinking Flamingo


Head Tuck

Big Flamingo on Bonaire


Birdy Bird

South American Pink Flamingo

Stone Zoo Flamingo

American Flamingo