Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – German Expressionist Painter

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880-1938) was a German Expressionist Painter and involved with the foundation of Expressionism in 20th century art. Trained as an architect, Ernst founded an artist group known as ‘The Bridge’, which was mandated with ignoring the traditional academic style of painting and finding a new way to express artistic styles. This bohemian group overthrew social conventions and was accepting of nudity, and other freedoms from established forces. The unconventional lifestyle allowed Ernst to express his artistic talents in a radically new format from established art styles. Our pattern set includes many of his known works including Marzella, Self Portrait as a Solider, Tavern, Nollendorfplatz, Erna, Fränzi in front of a Carved Chair, Bridge at the Mouth of the Weisseritz, Dr. Alfred Döblin, and Czardas Dancers.

Patterns Included In This Set

Sitting Woman


Playing Naked People

Portait of a Woman


Berlin Street Scene

Two Brothers

Fränzi in front of a Carved Chair

Self Portrait as a Sick Person

Street Berlin


Potsdam Platz


Vier Holzplastiken

Self Portrait as a Soldier

Girl Under a Japanese Parasol

Self Portrait with Model

Two Women in the Street

A Group of Artists

Female Nude with Foliage Shadows

Cabaret Dancer

Two Female Nudes

Green House

Czardas dancers

Couple Sitting

Nude Lying in Front of Mirror


Fruit Bowl

Seated Girl

Bridge at the Mouth of the Weisseritz

Dodo in a Feathered Hat

Female Nude with Hat

The Russian

Dr. Alfred Döblin

The Lighthouse of Fehmarn

Sitting Woman with a Wooden Sculpture

Two Naked Girl in a Flat Pan

Burgstaaken Harbor Fehmarn

Otto Mueller with Pipe

Self Portrait

Seated Female Nude

Sick Woman

Striding into the Sea

The Circus Horse