El Greco – European Mannerist

El Greco was considered the architect of the Spanish Renaissance, blending his Greek heritage with his Italian homeland, and Spanish emigration. The SegPlayPC™ pattern set for El Greco contains 25 patterns created from his most well known paintings filled with elongated figures and iconic symbols. There are many portraits of Popes, Cardinals, a Friar, Antonio Covarrubias, Julije Klovic, an unknown Lady, and a self portrait. Also included are his numerous religious interpretations (The Spoliation, The Holy Family, Annunciation, Via Crucis, Saint John the Evangelist, Apostles Peter and Paul, and the Repentant Peter), and a landscape (View of Toledo).

Patterns Included In This Set

Self Portrait

Portrait of Julije Klovic

Assumption of the Virgin

Burial of Count Orgaz

The Spoliation

View of Toledo

The Opening of the Fifth Seal

Portrait of Jorge Manuel Theotocopoulos

Antonio Covarrubias

The Holy Family

The Knight with His Hand on His Breast

St. Martin and the Beggar

The Repentant Peter

Portrait of a Cardinal

Portrait of Pope Pius V

Portrait eines Edelmanns

Portrait of Dominican Friar

Portrait of Giulio Clovio



Saint Ildefonso

Portrait of a Lady

Saint John the Evangelist

Apostles Peter and Paul

Via Crucis