Easter Eggcitement

Easter is a major Christian religious festival celebrating Jesus’s resurrection from the dead. Many of the holiday’s cultural elements are celebrated by Christians and non-Christians around the world. These elements include the Easter bunny, coloring Easter eggs, and family meals. Our Easter pattern collection includes many fun illustrations of the Easter holiday including bunnies, colored eggs, candles, and flowers.

Patterns Included In This Set

Hopping Bunny

Eggs with Ribbons

Eggs and Paint

Eggs in a Nest

Eggs and Flowers

Ready to Deliver

Eggs and Candle

Basket of Eggs

Chicken Painting an Egg


Colored Eggs

Chicks and Eggs in a Basket

Easter Bunny Costume


Easter Bunny


Colored Egg

Coloring Eggs

Basket of Eggs with Flowers


Egg Candles