Thomas Eakins – America’s Master of Realism

Thomas Cowperthwait Eakins (1844-1916) was an American painter who is best known for his realistic depictions of the male body. Eakins’s quest for realism led him to study anatomy and apply his research to creating works with dark lighting and realistic depictions. He endured much public scorn in his early years for his obsession with the male figure, however was recognized as a great master towards the end of his life. Our pattern set includes a self portrait, several sculling and wrestling scenes. His most recognized works including The Swimming Hole, The Gross Clinic, Baby at Play, and The Agnew Clinic are also included. There are also many portraits included such as Miss Amelia Van Buren, Portrait of Maud Cook, Maybelle, Lucy Lewis, Weda Cook, Alice Kurtz, and Walt Whitman.

Patterns Included In This Set

Self Portrait

Max Schmitt in a Single Scull

The Gross Clinic

The Agnew Clinic

Miss Amelia Van Buren

The Swimming Hole

The Wrestlers


Portrait of Maud Cook

An Actress

Alfred Bryan Wall

Ernest Lee Parker

The Artist’s Wife and His Setter Dog

Baby at Play

Portrait of Walt Whitman

Portrait of Douglas Morgan Hall

The Biglin Brothers Racing


The Cello Player

A Singer: Portrait of Mrs Leigh

Antiquated Music

Cowboy Singing

Frank Jay St. John


Portrait of Alice Kurtz

Portrait of Archbishop William Henry Elder

Portrait of Charles Linford the Artist

Portrait of Leslie W. Miller

Portrait of Lucy Lewis

Portrait of Mary Adeline Williams

Portrait of Susan MacDowell Eakins

Portrait of William B. Kurtz

Signora Gomez d’Arza

Taking the Count

The Dean’s Roll Call

Weda Cook

The Thinker

John Biglin in a Single Scull

Margaret in Skating Costume

Starting Out after Rail

The Concert Singer

The Writing Master