Dragon Fire

Dragons are imaginary creatures with reptile-like qualities. The name derives from Greek words meaning giant water snake. Dragons are often depicted with the ability to emit fire from their mouths and also the ability to fly. Dragons can have 2 or four legs, are sometimes given a poison secreting quality and have supernatural and devilish qualities. Our set of dragon patterns are created from colorful illustrations of dragons in various styles and poses including 5 clawed Chinese dragons, flying dragons, devil dragons, a clown dragon, a puffing dragon, a fire breathing dragon, a dragon surrounding a castle, and a knight attacking a dragon.

Patterns Included In This Set

Dragon Toy

Warrior Dragon Symbol

Chinese Dragon

Mystical Red Dragon

Yin Yang with Dragon

Purple Chinese Dragon

Red Chinese Dragon

Devil Dragon

Fire Breathing Dragon

Fantasy Dragon

Zodiac Dragon

Knight and Dragon

Cyan Dragon

Dragon and Pot

Dragon on Rock

Green Dragon

Blue Dragon

Puffing Dragon

Clown Dragon

Dragon Around Castle

Kissing Dragons