Thomas Doughty – American Landscape Artist

Thomas Doughty (1793 – 1856) was an American painter of the Hudson River School, a movement of landscape artists living in New York whose artistic vision was greatly influenced by romanticism. Thomas Doughty is best known for his landscapes, painted at time where Americans were being more interested in them. Our pattern set for Thomas Doughty contains many examples of his works containing distant mountains, cloudy skies, forests, lakes and rivers, with an occasion building, human figure, and animal included. The patterns include Ruins in a Landscape, In the Catskills, White Mountains New Hampshire, Maine Seacoast, View of the Fairmount Waterworks, Scituate Beach Massachusetts, Landscape after Ruisdael, and View on the St. Croix River near Robbinston.

Patterns Included In This Set

Ruins in a Landscape

In the Catskills


Scituate Beach Massachusetts

Landscape after Ruisdael

View on the St. Croix River near Robbinston

View in Maine

White Mountains New Hampshire

Harbor Landscape

Windsor Castle

Palisades Near Fort Lee

Maine Seacoast

Landscape with Footbridge

Harper’s Ferry

Girl’s Crossing the Brook

View of the Fairmount Waterworks


Lake Scene

Fanciful Landscape

Hunter with a Dog in a Landscape

Rivers view with Hunters and Dogs

Fishing in a River

Landscape with Castle


Niagra Falls

At the Waterfall