Robert Delaunay – French Abstract Artist

Robert Delaunay (1885-1941) was a French artist who founded the Orphism movement known for strong colors and geometric shapes. He is best known for his bold use of color and experiments with tone and depth. He was also labeled a divisionist for his use of large tiles to construct small but symbolic works. Along with fellow artists Metzinger, George Seurat, and Paul Signac, their works are considered part of a Neo-impressionism which started in France. Delaunay’s later works are more abstract with nonfigurative paintings that still had the characteristics of brilliant colors and felt dynamic. Our Robert Delaunay pattern set contains a broad collection of his works showing his most recognized works including Portrait de Metzinger, Tour Eiffel, The Towers of Laon, Color Explosion, Circular Forms, Simultaneous Windows in the City, Endless Rhythm, St. Severin, and Nu à la coiffeuse. There’s also a self portrait of Robert Delaunay.

Patterns Included In This Set

Portrait de Metzinger

Simultaneous Windows in the City

Paysage au disque solaire

Champs de Mar: La Tour Rouge

Premier Disque


Portrait de Jean Metzinger

Tour Eiffel

Decoration for the Salon des Tuileries

Nu à la coiffeuse

Rythme Joie de Vivre

St. Severin

Endless Rhythm’

Jean Metzinger

The Towers of Laon

Eiffel Tower

Sun and Moon

Football L’equipe de Cardiff

Circular Forms

Hommage to Bleriot

Tristan Tzara

Nude with Ibises

La Tour Effel (detail)

Color Explosion

The Bowl