Ducks in a Row

Duck is a common name for a large number of species of birds which includes both swans and geese. Ducks are characterized by having long necks, broad bills, scaled legs, colorful plumage, and short, pointed wings. Popular types of ducks include Mandarin, Mallard, Teals, and Wood (also known as Carolina). You can find ducks all over the world in suitable habitats. Our Duck pattern set includes many images of colorful ducks sitting, flying, landing, and walking in their natural environments. You’ll find ducklings, mallards, mandarins, and teals in assorted poses and photographic compositions.

Patterns Included In This Set

Mandarin Duck

Female Mallard


Up and Away

Duck Stanborough Lakes

Duck Martin Mere

A Mallard River Medway

I myself a..a duck

Fowl Shot

Anec Blanc en Vol


Lesser Whistling Duck

Proud as a Duck can Be!


Talkative Goose

Blue Stripes

Smiling Goose

Drake Mallard Landing

Common Teal Male

The Most Beautiful Colors

Walking in the Breeze

Mandarin Duck