Camille Pissarro – Father of Impressionism

Camille Pissarro (1830-1903) was a French Impressionist painter who painted scenes of urban and rural landscapes. He frequently used peasants and laborers as subject matters in his works. He is considered the father of impressionism mostly because of his mentoring relationships with C├ęzanne, Gauguin, Degas, and other impressionist artists of the times. Our SegPlayPC collection of 27 patterns contains a wide sampling of his art style. We’ve included many recognizable works including Harvest at Montfoucault, Peasant Girl with a Straw Hat, Red Roofs, Apple Picking at Eragny-sur-Epte, Haymakers Resting, Boulevard Montmartre (afternoon sunshine and at night), The Shepherdess, Woman with Green Scarf, and Self-Portrait.

Patterns Included In This Set

Harvest at Montfoucault

The Old Market-Place in Rouen

Haymakers Resting

Red Roofs

The Orchard

Two Peasant Women

Seated Peasant

Self Portrait

Peasant Girl with a Straw Hat

Boulevard Montmartre: Afternoon, Sunshine

Sunset at St. Charles, Eragny

Portrait of Madame Pissarro Sewing

Woman with Green Scarf

View from the Artist’s Window at Eragny

The Boulevard Montmartre at Night

Woman Hanging Laundry

The Shepherdess

Entrance to the Village of Voisins

The Road to Louveciennes

The Washerwoman

The Woodcutter

Louveciennes: The Road to Versailles

Apple Picking at Eragny-sur-Epte

Hyde Park, London

The Railway Bridge at Pontoise

The Hermitage at Pontoise

Peasant Girl Drinking her Coffee