Cows are animals that are raised for beef and dairy products, and also used as a power source for pulling carts. They also provide leather for many products, and dung for manure and fuel. In some cultures cows are considered sacred. There are many words used to describe cows depending on their sex and age: maverick, heifer, calf, steer, bull, springer, and freemartin. Groups of cows are called cattle. Our patterns of cows depict them in an illustrated and humorous form with varying colors, enlarged utters, and adorned with flowers and cowbells. You’ll find our cows enjoying themselves on tractors, pretending to be super-cow, being lovesick, dancing, and gazing at a flying bee!

Patterns Included In This Set

Grass Eating Cow

Eating a Flower

Dancing Cow

Watching a Bee

Gray Cow

White Cow

Heartful Cow

Cute Cow

Super Cow


Farmer and Cow

Tractor Cow

Tan-White Cow

Dairy Cow

Mom and Calf

Abstract Cow

Grazing Cow

Milking a Cow

Brown Cow with Flowers

Cow on a Flowery Hill