Camille Corot – French Landscape Artist

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1796-1875) was a French Landscape painter who had a strong influence on Impressionism. Corot was the leading painter of the Barbizon school of France in the mid-nineteenth century and his landscape style referenced a neo-classical style with a muted color palette. Many forgeries of Corot were created in the period 1870-1939, mostly because of his easy to imitate style. Our pattern set includes many examples of landscapes and portraits. You’ll find Woman with a Pear, The Bridge at Narmi, Meditation, Orpheus Leading Eurydice, Interrupted Reading, Recollections of Mortefontaine, A Windmill in Montmartre, The Letter, Aqueducts in the Roman Campagna, Temple of Minerva Medica, Agostina, and Castel Gandolfo. There are also several self portraits.

Patterns Included In This Set

Woman with a Pearl

The Bridge at Narni

Recollections of Mortefontaine

A Woman Reading

Woodland Music-makers

Woman with Mandolin

Castel Gandolfo

Portrait of Octavie Sennegon

Château De Rosny

Louis Robert as a Child

Woman with Daisies

Lady in Blue

Self Portrait with Palette in the Hand

Self Portrait Sitting next to an Easel

The Road in Gouvieux

Toussaint Lemaistre

The Rocky Stream

Toulon ­ Vaisseaux de Guerre Desarmes

Paturages Marecageux

The Path Leading to the House

Femme de Chonbre

The Tower in the Trees

The Smugglers

Portrait of a Man


Ville d’Avray

Rochers dans une Clairière

Girl Reading

Portrait of a Gentleman

La Toilette

A Windmill in Montmartre

Interrupted Reading

Gypsy Girl with Mandolin

Madame Legois

Orpheus Leading Eurydice from Underworld

Portrait of Laurent-Denis Sennegon

The Letter

Bacchante by the Sea

Italian Girl


Young Italian Woman from Papigno with Her Spindle

Woman in Blue

A Spanish Woman

Temple of Minerva Medica Rome

Reclining Nymph

Jewish Algerian Woman

The Greek Girl

Aqueducts in the Roman Campagna


Landscape with a Lake