John Constable – British Landscape Artist

John Constable (1776-1837) was an English Romantic painter who was best known for his landscape paintings, which vividly showed the sky and clouds as never before. His use of sketches and note taking to plan and record his work was also novel for the time. Our SegPlayPC collection contains 20 of Constable’s most recognized pieces including Dedham Vale, The Hay Wain, Weymouth Bay, The Leaping Horse, Stonehenge, View of Dedham, Malvern Hall, The Leaping Horse, The Cornfield, Boat-building near Flatford Mill, and Chain Pier, Brighton.

Patterns Included In This Set

Self Portrait

Dedham Vale

The Hay Wain

Maria Bicknell

Weymouth Bay

The Cornfield

The Leaping Horse

Seascape Study with Rain Cloud

Salisbury Cathedral

Brighton Beach with Colliers

Boat building near Flatford Mill

Study of Cirrus Clouds


Flowers in a Glass Vase

Malvern Hall

View of Dedham

Wivenhoe Park

Weymouth Bay

Tree Trunks

Chain Pier- Brighton