Cimabue – Florentine Painter

Cimabue (c. 1240 – 1302) also known as Bencivieni di Pepo was a Florentine Painter and a creator of mosaics. He was a pioneer in transforming the prevailing art style from a flat and stylized form into one that was more natural with subtle effects such as shading and realistic proportions. His most documented works include a Crucifix in the Basilica di Santa Croce, Maestà in San Francesco at Pisa, and Madonna with Child Enthroned, Four Angels and St. Francis at Assisi. Our pattern set includes these works with some details made into individual patterns and others paintings including The Madonna in Majesty, The Capture of Christ, The Flagellation of Christ, and Madonna di Castelfiorentino.

Patterns Included In This Set



Madonna Enthroned with the Child

The Flagellation of Christ

Christ Enthroned with Mary and John (detail)

Madonna Enthroned with the Child and Two Angels

The Capture of Christ

Enthroned Madonna with Eight Angels (detail)

Madonna Enthroned with the Child St. Francis (detail)

Crucifix (detail)

Crucifix (detail)

The Madonna in Majesty (detail)

Saint Francis

Madonna di Castelfiorentino

Madonna in Majesty (detail)

Madonna in Majesty (detail)