Although small in size, butterflies capture our imagination with their animated movements, amazing lifecycle metamorphosis, and most especially their colorful appearance. Our SegPlayPC collection contains a wonderful set of 20 butterfly patterns which are simple, colorful, cleanly delineated, and so fun to complete. We captured butterflies in a wide assortment of hues and poses. There are also a few patterns depicting children catching butterflies with nets.

Patterns Included In This Set

Pink Butterfly

Yellow-Red Butterfly

Tan-Blue Butterfly

Cyan-Purple Butterfly

Yellow-Orange-Blue Butterfly

Blue-Yellow Butterfly

Red-Green-Blue Butterfly

Brown-Orange Butterfly

Dark Green Butterfly

Brown-White Butterfly

Brown-Red Butterfly

Orange-Brown-Yellow Butterfly

Brown-Tan Butterfly

Catching Butterflies

Butterfly on a Flower

Boy with a Net

Clown Butterfly

Baby and Butterfly

Pink-Blue-Yellow Butterfly

Red-Blue-Brown Butterfly