Barn Beauty

Barns are agricultural buildings located in farmlands. Their uses are varied – housing livestock, storing crops and equipment, and providing a covered work space. Barns have been traditionally painted red for many centuries, a custom which has unknown origins. Some theories attempt to explain this by suggesting that farmers added blood of a recently slaughtered animal to the linseed oil used for paint. Another theory is that farmers added rust to the old as a way to kill off moss and mold. When paint became more available, farmers choose red as a way to honor the traditional. Barns are sometimes painted in a whitewash if the cost of the paint is a factor. Our pattern set of Barns are based on some creative photographs showing these structures in various lighting and weather conditions. These weathered barns are shown back dropped against clear and cloudy skies with crop fields, grassy pastures, wooded fences, country roads, and horses nearby.

Patterns Included In This Set

Weathered Barn

Tanneytown Barn

Healdsburg Barn

Abandoned Barn at Sunset

Old Barn

Story County Barn

Barn At Nipomo

Red Barn on Gunpowder Road

Red Barn

Old Pig Barn in Central Alberta

Tweddle Farm

Heaven on Earth Idaho Style

Old Barn

Abandoned Barn

Uniontown Barn Washington

Cabin on Hil


Country Life

Autumn Country Barn

Roseberry Barn Sunrise

Early Morning Light