Birds of a Feather

Birds are amazing lightweight, winged animals that lay eggs and fly. Their characteristic features include feathers, beaks, and strong skeletons. Their colored feathers provide a number of important features including flight, insulation, camouflage, and signaling to others. The arrangement and appearance of feathers on the body, is referred to as plumage. In our carefully selected set of bird themed patterns, you’ll find an assortment of many species, colors and sizes. There are owls, eagles, seagulls, toucans, sparrows, finches, pigeons, pelicans, blackbirds, warblers, hummingbirds, and godwits.

Patterns Included In This Set

Owl Eyes

Bald Eagle

Rainbow Lorikee

Brazilian Toucan


Arara Canindé


Colours of Nature

Finch Portrait


Green Finch

Silver Gull on Alcatraz


Yellow-rumped Warbler

Brewer’s Blackbird

Marbled Godwit

Long billed Curlew

Brown Pelican

Bird in Bali

Mynah Bird

Pretty Green Bird

The Black Skimmer

KL Bird Park

Green Bird

Blind Bird

Bird of Prey at the Prague Castle

Sugar Bird