Émile Bernard – French Symbolist Painter

Émile Bernard (1868-1941) was a French Post-Impressionist painter who is associated with the Cloisonnism and Synthetism art movements. Émile was friends with other influential artists of the period including Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Gaugin, and Vincent van Gogh who jointly influenced each other. In 1891 he joined a group of Symbolist painters that included Odilon Redon and Ferdinand Hodler. Symbolist is a movement that is a reaction against realism and naturalism and emphasized spirituality, imagination, and dreams. Bernard’s style of painting involved bold forms and dark contours and some geometric tendencies in an effort to simplify nature. Our set of Émile Bernard patterns includes several self portraits, portraits, still lives, and numerous Breton themed patterns. These include Yellow Tree, Spanish Musicians, Portrait of Marie Lemasson, African, Breton Women in a Green Pasture, Portrait of my Sister Madeleine, Brothel Scene for Vincent, The Buckwheat Harvest, Portrait of Madame Schuffenecker, Apple Carrier, and Harvest by the Sea.

Patterns Included In This Set

Self-portrait with Portrait of Gauguin

Yellow Tree

Breton Women in a Green Pasture

Brothel Scene for Vincent

Portrait of Little Boy in Hat

Still Life with Teapot Cup and Fruit

Lady with a Fan

Portrait of my sister Madeleine

Spanish Musicians

Breton Women

Two Arab Women at the Edge of the Nile

Breton Women at a Wall

Yellow Christ

Breton Women with Parasols

The Spinner

Portrait of Marie Lemasson

Nature Morte aux Pommes

Boy Sitting in the Grass

Self Portrait with a Vase of Flowers

Breton Women with Umbrelas

Vase with Flowers and Cup

Breton Women with a Red Umbrella

La Grand Mere de Bernard

Autoportrait Palais des beaux-arts de Lille


Sitting Boy

Apple Carrier

Portrait of Madame Schuffenecker

Harvest by the Sea

Le Tabarin ou Cabaret à Paris

The Buckwheat Harvest