Giovanni Bellini – Italian Renaissance Artist

Giovanni Bellini (c. 1430-1516) was an Italian Renaissance Artist who is considered to revolutionize Venetian painting with his sensuous and colorful style applied with slow drying paints. He is the best known painter from the Bellini family of painters. His early style can be described as Quattrocento, which incorporates classical art forms from Greek and Roman sculptors. His later works matured into a more progressive style and incorporated many instances of religious symbolism through natural elements. Our large set of Bellini patterns contains a wide cross section of his works. There are many versions of Madonna and Child, St. Jerome, Christ, and numerous portraits. There are also patterns of his Four Allegories (Lust, Falsehood, Fortune, and Prudence), two altarpieces (San Giobbe and San Zaccaria) and a self-portrait.

Patterns Included In This Set

Self Portrait

St. Jerome in the Desert


Madonna and Child

Transfiguration of Christ

San Giobbe Altarpiece

San Zaccaria Altarpiece

Feast of the Gods

Le Christ Bénissant

Naked Young Woman in Front of the Mirror

Agony in the Garden

Madonna of the Trees

Madonna and Child

Dead Christ Supported by the Madonna and St. Paul

Dead Christ Supported by Two Angels

Madonna with the Child

Madonna with Child Standing on a Parapet

Presentation at the Temple

Head of the Baptist

Madonna with Child

Madonna in Adoration of the Sleeping Child

Madonna and Child

Portrait of a Humanist

Dead Christ Supported by Two Angels

St. Jerome in the Countryside

Madonna with the Child

Madonna and Child

Virgin and Child

Madonna of Red Cherbs

Portrait of Giovanni Emo

Portrait of a Young Man in Red

Four Allegories: Lust (or Perseverance)

Four Allegories: Falsehood (or Wisdom)

Four Allegories: Fortune (or Melancholy)

Four Allegories: Prudence (or Vanity)

Madonna and Child with Two Saints

Sacred Conversation

Portrait of a Young Man

Portrait of a Young Man

Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredan

Head of the Redeemer

Madonna of the Meadow


Madonna and Child

Young Bacchus

Portrait of Teodoro of Urbino

Portrait of a Young Man