Hot Air Ballooning

For hundreds of years, man has experienced flight in hot air balloons. The bag of the balloon, referred to as an envelope, is filled with heated air. The gondola (typically made with wicker or rattan) below contains both the source of the heat and the passengers. Propane is generally used as the fuel for the burner. It is said that ballooning is like a magic carpet ride or riding on a cloud.

Our SegPlayPC collection of hot air ballooning patterns contains over 20 colorful images of balloons in flight. Against blue skies and clouds, and over various picturesque landscapes, these balloons are stylized with geometric shapes in a rainbow of colors. You’ll find an alien shaped balloon, a balloon with a clown face, and another decorated in American red white and blue. There are also a few patterns showing the inside of hot air balloons and a few showing balloons over and reflecting in water.

Patterns Included In This Set


Balloon Mania

Northampton Balloon

Hot Air Balloons

Balloon Festival

Colorful Balloon

Red Against Blue

Against Light Blue Sky

Colorado Springs

Inside Blue

Alien Balloon

Aloft in the Clouds

Balloon Serie


Alabama Jubilee

Hot Air Mosaic

Autumn Balloon

Balloon Shadow

Red and Gold

American Pride

Smiling Balloon