In Awe of Autumn

Autumn is one of the four annual seasons and ranges (in the Northern Hemisphere) from September 22th to December 21st. The exact times are measured by the Autumn equinox and the Winter solstice. Autumn is associated with many natural events including harvesting of crops, a cooling of temperatures, a graying of skies, and most noticeably, the changing colors of leaves. Our “In Awe of Autumn” set contains a colorful array of photographs which depict autumn at its finest. Yellow, red, and orange leaves are

Patterns Included In This Set

Autumn Stream

Autumn Still Life

Autumn Session

Autumn in Hamburg

Autumn Tint

Layers of Autumn

Burnt Autumn

Duck, it’s Autumn!

Autumn Morning

Electric Autumn

Greenfield Park

Yellow Leaves in Tartu

Gorgeous Leaves in England

Right turn off Sweetman’s Lane

Apple Season

Fires of Fall

Autumn Aspens

Autumn on Lake Dillon

Autumn in South Africa II

Autumn’s Here

Autumn is Here

Autumn Bokeh