Alfred Stevens – Belgian Painter

Alfred Stevens (1823 – 1906) was a Belgian painter was the son of an art collector. He developed a conventional naturalistic style influenced by 17th century Dutch genre painting. He also studied works by painters such as Gerard ter Borch and Gabriel Metsu. He influenced social attitudes towards the poor with a work titled What is called Vagrancy. Many of his works use elegant modern woman as subjects. He also painted several works using a fashionable taste called japonisme which Stevens was an early enthusiast. Our pattern set collection contains many of Alfred Stevens most recognized works including The Bath, The Japanese Parisian, What is called Vagrancy, Portrait of Mrs. Howe, Woman in a Straw Hat, Woman Wearing a Bracelet, Reveil, Woman in Pink, New from Afar, and Lady at a Window Feeding Birds.

Patterns Included In This Set

The Japanese Parisian

Lady at a Window Feeding Birds

New from Afar


Allegory of the Night

Woman in Pink

What is called Vagrancy

At Home

Portrait of Mrs. Howe

Woman in a Straw Hat

Pleasant Letter

The Paris Sfinks

La Parisienne

Portrait of a Young Lady

In the Garden

Woman in Blue

The Farewell Note

The Baroness von Munchasen

The Bouquet

Walk at the Foot of a Cliff in Normandy


In the Country

Woman Wearing a Bracelet

The Widow

Woman with a Fan

A Woman Seated in Oriental Dress

An Elegant Woman

Portrait of a Woman in White

Portrait of M. L. Bion

The Bath