Animals at Play

Our good friends at have provided us with a number of colorful, unique, illustrations of animals at play and in various poses with different articles of clothing. You’ll fully enjoy coloring these patterns including Sandy the Duck, Bob the Beaver, Ali the Gator, Barry the Baboon, Magic the Rabbit, Lucy the Lion, and many, many more.

Patterns Included In This Set

Sandy the Duck

Bob the Beaver

Paul the Porcupine

Barb the Bird

Kyle the Koala

Louis the Lizard

Kathy the Kangaroo

Drew the Dog

Drew the Dragon

Abe the Sab

Manny the Mandrill

Ali the Gator

Larry the Lion

Barry the Baboon

Dina the Dinosaur

Ethan the Elephant

Dean the Deer

Betty the Bird

Olivia the Ostrich

Peter the Pig

Magic the Rabbit

Bella the Bee

Tom the Turtle

Rob the Raccoon

Lucy the Lion

Stan the Starfish

Steve the Swordfish

Dolly the Dolphin