Sisterly Angels

Our good friends at Snickerdoodle Dreams have provided us with a beautiful set of seasonal and themed angels to color throughout the year. These whimsical designs include a Snow Angel, Gingerbread Angel, Liberty Angel, Thanksgiving Angel, Pumpkin Angel, Work Bee Angel, Lonely Sheep Angel, HeartLand Angel, Easter Angel, and Santy Angel.

Patterns Included In This Set

Sun Flower Pot

Snow Angel

Gingerly Angel

Candy Cane

Easter Bunny Angel

Gingerbread Angel

Liberty Angel

Santy Angel

Thanksgiving Angel

Pumpkin Angel

Worker Bee Angel

Lonely Sheep Angel

Thanksgiving Frame

Sheep Angel Head

Worker Bee Angel Head

Liberty Angel Head

Heartland Angel Head

Heartland Angel

Pumpkin Angel Head

Santa Angel Head

Easter Angel Head

Easter Eggs